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Tikit: improve business communication online

5 Ways to Improve Business Communication Online

Did you know that ineffective communication costs U.S. businesses about $1.2 trillion?  It’s not just a financial constraint—ineffective communication makes it tough for employees to meet expectations and complete projects within a specified timeframe. This

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Tikit: Microsoft Teams and video conference

What Are the Benefits of Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing saw a 535 percent rise in daily traffic in 2020, due to global shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies had previously used communication platforms like Microsoft Teams for daily chatting, but

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Improve Your Microsoft Teams experience

How to Improve Your Microsoft Teams Experience

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform that facilitates organization-wide communication and collaboration, and it integrates with dozens of apps for added functionality.  But if you’re like most users, you’re probably not using all of the features

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