Yes, a fully comprehensive demo video is here. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 live demo of Tikit, you can do so here 

Yes, we offer a fully functional trial for 14days with no credit card. Add to Teams in minutes. 

Tikit is available on a per agent basis and there is no maximum number of agents you can have There is no limit or charge for end users. (Those who are only submitting requests, rather than working tickets) 

 Tikit is available in one annual plan, however there are volume discounts built into the pricing model that increase as more agents are purchased and we do offer multi-year discounts. Please refer to the pricing calculator on the Tikit pricing page for the exact cost for your desired number of agents and email to enquire about our multi-year discounts.  

The Tikit Virtual Agent is the Teams bot that allows your end users to ask for help. It uses AI and Natural Language Processing to interact with employees, offering up relevant knowledge articles or prompting employees to open a ticket based on their questions. Tikit Virtual Agent is a separate application in Microsoft Teams and is provisioned separately in AppSource here. There is no additional charge to use Tikit Virtual Agent. 


Yes. Tikit works wherever your employees work. Tickets can easily be created on someone’s behalf from a Teams chat, directly in the Tikit web application or from an email. Outlook email or the end-user web application would be the best option for end users not actively using Teams. 

Tikit is SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Please refer to our security page for all details around Tikit security and compliance. If you have any additional questions about security, please reach out to 

Both applications are provisioned through Microsoft and available within Microsoft Teams. Tikit is the application agents use to track, work and resolve tickets. Tikit Virtual Agent is the Teams bot that allows employees to ask questions, find knowledge articles and open tickets via Teams chat. Both products combine to give you an end-to-end Microsoft Teams IT Service Management (ITSM) experience. 

Tikit is available on an annual subscription basis. Your subscription plan will auto-renew unless a Tikit admin cancels via the billing section of the Tikit web application.  

Once approved by a Microsoft 365 admin, Tikit can be installed by anyone in the organization. However, a policy can be set up to require permission from your M365 admin before a user installs Tikit. 

You control the rollout and can limit who is given access based on your organizational needs.  

Tikit includes industry standard service desk reports in our out-of-the-box dashboard. For more advanced reporting and dashboarding, Tikit integrates with Microsoft Power BI and syncs with Excel.  

Tikit is the most natively integrated Microsoft 365 ticketing solution on the market, allowing you to work all of your support tickets without leaving Teams. This is also true in the Teams mobile app. However, for those that prefer a web UI, Tikit has a fully functional Web App for both agents and endusers.