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With Tikit, you can install and configure your Service Desk quickly and easily, in 60 minutes or less. When quick and easy won’t cut it, Tikit offers expert setup assistance for every free trial to make sure you’re set up for success. 

Setting up SaaS software is easy these days, but there’s something different about a Service Desk. It’s not just about features. A Service Desk is a vital part of a company’s infrastructure and processes. At Tikit, we’re committed to helping you realize the value of your Service Desk with:

In one call, a Tikit expert will either walk you through every essential configuration step or will check to make sure you have properly completed your own configuration. 

Not sure if your automation logic is right? Want to configure custom templates? Your Tikit expert can teach you how to use features according to proven best practices. 

Maximize your free trial period by starting with a fully configured Service Desk implementation from day-one. Achieve success with Tikit before you buy.

How Your Free Tikit Setup Works

The Tikit Team is available to schedule your free setup call ASAP. You can fill out the form below and someone from the Tikit Team will be in touch within 1 business day to schedule your complimentary setup call. 

We’ve made Tikit incredibly easy to install and configure. So easy, we’re willing to do it for you. For free! When you finish the free setup call, the following items will be configured so you can start ticketing in Teams right away. 

Microsoft Teams Overview

Quick review of terminologies and features of Microsoft Teams that make it the ideal location for your Service Desk.

Users and Groups

Confirm all users are setup and create support groups, if needed.

Teams Triage Channel

Confirm you have a triage channel setup in Teams.

Multi-Department Setup

Create your first non-IT department team in Teams, if needed.

Teams Virtual Agent

Install Ticket Virtual Agent and create your first KB for ticket deflection.

Email Connector

Configure and test your email connector.

InTune Connector

Configure and test your Intune connector.

Power BI Connector

Configure your Power BI connector and implement one templated dashboard.

Power Automate Connector

Configure your Power Automate connector and implement one templated workflow.

What Makes Tikit Different?

Your users and permissions are already setup across Microsoft 365. This gives Tikit a headstart on what is usually the most tedious part of implementing a Service Desk. 

Create automations, SLAs, form templates and much more without the need for developers. Configure Tikit to your organization’s unique requirements without code. 

Use Tikit’s native Microsoft cloud connectors for apps like Intune and Power Automate to break down barriers between users and data across your Microsoft 365 environment all while building on your existing M365 investment. 

Explore Tikit's Premium Features

Unlimited Users
Use Tikit to plan placeholders right how so the pieces fit together.
Easy To Maintain
Use Timeline to plan projects right how the pieces fit together.
User Friendly
Use Tikit to plan placeholders right how so the pieces fit together.
Single Sign-on With Microsoft 365
Use Timeline to plan projects right how the pieces fit together.
Powerful Settings
Use Tikit to plan placeholders right how so the pieces fit together.
Easily Attach Files & Documents
Use Timeline to plan projects right how the pieces fit together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tikit is so easy to setup that we’re willing to offer this setup call at no cost. 

 Just like our trial, this is completely free and no credit card is required to get started.  

Purchasing the Tikit solution is optional at the end of the free trial period. We do not require a credit card for either the trial or the free setup.  

Tikit has a dedicated support and onboarding team there to answer your questions and ensure you are setup for success. Additionally, you can find helpful resources and guides on our Tikit help website: 

You have twenty one (21) days from the expiration of your Tikit trial to complete your purchase and retain your setup configurations. If you purchase after five days, you will need to re-configure Tikit. For any additional purchase questions, please reach out to the Tikit Team at 

Yes, this call is being recorded and will be available in Teams to revisit as much as needed.  

In order to provision Tikit, you must have admin permissions in your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant. We require an admin be present on this call to ensure we can provision and setup your instance properly without disruption.  

Check out our pricing options to determine what is right for your organization. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until your full two-week14-day trial is up. Once you have selected the best plan for your organization, learn more about how to manage the billing process here:  

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