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Your customers are using Microsoft Teams daily and looking for ways to centralize all their work in a single, always-on collaboration platform. Be the first to suggest Tikit, the AI-driven ticketing system built natively for Microsoft Teams.

Become a Referral Partner at Zero Cost

Register deals with us to ensure you receive credit. Not an IT Service Management (ITSM) expert? The Tikit team will handle demos, setup assistance and payment. No startup costs. Just refer your customers.


Be a Trusted ITSM Advisor to Customers

Microsoft Teams ticketing solutions are growing in popularity. Drive customer satisfaction  and grow new sales revenues  without starting an ITSM practice.

Create Stickiness with Teams Customers

Deliver value and innovation that helps increase customer engagement with Microsoft Teams by recommending a 3rd party Teams app like Tikit.


Open Up Opportunities for Professional Services Revenue

Leverage your Microsoft skills in Teams, Power Platform and Intune to create an even more seamless and native ticketing experience  for your customers while increasing services revenue.

We are Greater Together

We’ve been a Microsoft partner for over a decade, so we respect and understand the importance of that ecosystem. We offer a true partnership, built on our mutual success, where you’re treated as strategic equals.

But What Makes an Ideal Partner for Tikit?

We handpick our partners for their skills and dedication to Microsoft Teams and you don’t have to be ITSM experts to recommend Tikit. The Tikit team is committed to the success of every Tikit customer through free in-trial configuration assistance. You handle the introduction, and we’ll handle their success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All deals need to be registered at  

No. We only offer annual subscriptions, paid in advance. 

Tikitby Cireson is only available on an annual subscription basis. Your subscription plan will auto-renew unless a Tikit admin cancels in advance of renewal date via the billing section of the Tikit web application.   

Subscriptions under $60,000 per year would need to be transacted directly with Tikit by Cireson. For an annual subscription over $60,000, you can buy through a partner with Net 30 terms. 

A) If the customer pays directly on a credit card, then Tikit by Cireson will pay the referral partner via wire within 15 business days. 

B) If the customer pays NET, then Tikit will pay the referral partner 30-days after payment is received. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Tikit is so easy to setup that we’re willing to offer this setup call at no cost. 

 Just like our trial, this is completely free and no credit card is required to get started.  

Purchasing the Tikit solution is optional at the end of the free trial period. We do not require a credit card for either the trial or the free setup.  

Tikit has a dedicated support and onboarding team there to answer your questions and ensure you are setup for success. Additionally, you can find helpful resources and guides on our Tikit help website: 

You have five (5) days from the expiration of your Tikit trial to complete your purchase and retain your setup configurations. If you purchase after five days, you will need to re-configure Tikit. For any additional purchase questions, please reach out to the Tikit Team at 

Yes, this call is being recorded and will be available in Teams to revisit as much as needed.  

In order to provision Tikit, you must have admin permissions in your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant. We require an admin be present on this call to ensure we can provision and setup your instance properly without disruption.  

Check out our plan and payment options to determine what is right for your organization. There are discounts available for annual plans. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until your full two-week14-day trial is up. Once you have selected the best plan for your organization, learn more about how to manage the billing process here:  

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