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How Should You Set Up and Organize Microsoft Teams?

Flexibility is Microsoft Teams’ star quality. Not only does it connect people via calls and chats, it also helps them collaborate using multifaceted features. But …

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New Microsoft Teams Features Unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2021

Microsoft has released more than 300 Microsoft Teams features during the past year, but at last week’s Microsoft Ignite 2021, the new innovations revealed centered …

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Tikit Web App: Organize IT Service Desk Work the Way You Want

There’s a lot going on in an IT service desk. Analysts always have their hands full, and one of the ways Tikit can help is …

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Microsoft Teams ticketing system_tech support

6 Things You Should Know About a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

Microsoft Teams became a fast-growing app during the pandemic. It gained 95 million users in 2020 and now boasts 145 million daily active users. It …

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Tikit AI deflection_photo by Prostock-studio

Hey Tech Support: Use AI Deflection to Do More, With Time to Chat

AI deflection can save tech support a lot of time–and help IT deliver greater value. Here’s why you need it, and why you should try Tikit.

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Create Custom Dashboards with Help Desk Data. Here’s How.

This is blog is part 2 in a 2-part series designed to help you create dashboards using your ticketing data. In part 1, we showed you how to use our Power BI Template for …

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Tikit's Ticket Dashboard using Power BI

How to Create a Ticketing Dashboard in Microsoft Teams using Power BI

This is blog is part 1 in a 2 part series designed to help you create dashboards with your ticketing data. You’ll get an assist …

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Improve Employee Experience Using a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

Companies that invest in total experience stand to gain competitive advantage in 2021 and beyond. This trend, which centers on the improvement of customer, user, …

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support ticket

How to Relieve Your Support Ticket Backlog

If you often run with a large support ticket backlog, how do you reduce the queue? These sure fire tips are guaranteed to help you out.

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Microsoft Teams supports hybrid work, image by sitthiphong

The Future of Hybrid Work? It’s Flexible, Collaborative and Hinges on Microsoft Teams

Perhaps one of the most unexpected changes from the pandemic is the consensus employees feel about the need for greater flexibility in when and how …

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This Simple Microsoft Teams Trick Will Make You Infinitely More Productive

Blame the pandemic, the permanent shift to a remote workplace or simply the addition of much-needed features. Whatever it may be, the one thing that …

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share screenshots, photo by artinspiring

Introducing Tikit Attachments: Share Visuals for Easier Problem-Solving

Microsoft Teams makes reaching people easy, but sometimes sharing a visual is the best way to communicate. This is especially true when a colleague is …

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