Tikit: Email ticketing system vs. Microsoft Teams ticketing

Looking for an Email Ticketing System? Microsoft Teams Ticketing is Better

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams had around 32 million daily active users. But by 2021, that number had jumped to 145 million. …

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Tikit: surveys for end user satisfaction

Are End Users Satisfied? Improving IT Service Desk Surveys

When you’re in the groove of working and resolving tickets, getting end user (or requester) feedback may seem like a tricky problem. Once the issue …

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Tikit: Microsoft Teams Ticketing and Service Desk Solution

How Microsoft Teams Inspired Our Microsoft Teams Service Desk Solution

You Gain an Efficient, Intuitive AI-Powered Ticketing System We probably wouldn’t have thought of creating a ticket from a Microsoft Teams chat if Covid-19 pandemic …

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Tikit: How to Choose the Right IT Service Desk

How to Choose the Right IT Service Desk for Your Business

Managing an IT service desk can be complicated. You need to communicate effectively with end users, route tickets to various specialists or groups, address tickets …

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Tikit: employee productivity

Is Your IT Service Desk Really Helping Employees Be More Productive?

We naturally talk a lot about efficiency that technology affords us, but the IT service desk might better serve end users—and support employee experience—by prioritizing …

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Tikit: What Can a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Do For You?

What Can a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Do for You?

Since 2017, many businesses have used Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate. But now you can use it to operate an IT service desk. Microsoft …

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Tikit: roundup of upcoming Microsoft Teams features for IT admins

Upcoming Microsoft Teams Features and Resources for IT Admins

July may be a little quiet on the Microsoft Teams front since Microsoft’s fiscal year ends on July 30, but it’s a good time for …

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Tikit: Microsoft Teams ticketing

How to Get Started with a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

Did you know that more than 1 million organizations use Microsoft Teams as their primary messaging platform, according to Business of Apps? In a market that is …

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Tikit: IT service desk operate strategically

5 Ways the IT Service Desk Can Operate More Strategically

Questions about the possibility of recession are swirling in the news, but many chief information officers (CIOs) see opportunity ahead. Why? Historically when times get …

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Microsoft Teams resources for IT admins

IT Admin Best Practices: Plan, Deploy and Roll Out Microsoft Teams

IT administrators are often the unsung hero in stories about the transformation and productivity Microsoft Teams enables. After all, proper set up and management helps …

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Tikit: improve business communication online

5 Ways to Improve Business Communication Online

Did you know that ineffective communication costs U.S. businesses about $1.2 trillion?  It’s not just a financial constraint—ineffective communication makes it tough for employees to …

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Tikit: AI activates knowledge base

How AI Activates a Knowledge Base and Transforms How We Use It

Nothing works well in a silo. In fact, your business may be taxed by an inadequate knowledge base (KB), inefficient use of a knowledge base …

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