Tikit and service desk supports remote and hybrid workforce

4 Ways IT Service Desks Can Better Support Hybrid Work

More than 72 percent of businesses recently surveyed by AT&T lack a strategy for hybrid work. And while there are shifts needed in leadership and …

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Tikit process improvements save time_image by ChenPG

ITIL (Complex) IT Service Desk Process vs. Tikit via Microsoft Teams

The classic way of doing things may be optimal, or it may be a bit more detailed than you may like. But without steps and …

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best practices image by DG-Studio

Best Practices for Building a Custom Form in Tikit

We recently introduced Adaptive Cards as a key structure in Tikit templates and custom forms. They are easy to work with, plus they help administrators, …

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Tikit and Microsoft Teams architecture

Tikit Architecture: Why it Feels Like You’re Working in Microsoft Teams

Design an office space the right way and people might be brought into conversations they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Architecture affects how you move in …

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Tikit high performance enhancements_image by nexusby

Tikit Web App and Email Enhancements Help You Work Smarter and Faster

Tikit helps you work faster in new ways, so that you can accomplish more wherever you are working. There are cool enhancements and new features …

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How to Improve Employee Engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement

In a world with a significant labor shortage, businesses want to retain employees now more than ever. Employees play critical roles in your company; without them, …

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Automation image by putilov_denis

How to Train Tikit and Automate the Help Desk Ticketing Process

In part two of our Tikit template series, we guided you through the process of creating templates and applying them. In part three, we’ll show you how …

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ticket categories or triage by M-image

Reacting to Help Desk Tickets? Take Control with Categorization

Spend 10 minutes working at an IT service desk, and you’ll see that there needs to be some way to organize and respond to tickets …

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Tikit mitigates repetitive employee questions

10 Questions Employees Ask IT, HR and Managers

You’re a manager, HR professional or IT analyst at a company. You spend your time fielding questions from employees daily. The odds are that you …

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Tikit ticket queue

How to Create and Apply Tikit Templates

In part one of our Tikit template series, we discussed how and why you should use Tikit templates. In part two, we will guide you …

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Where Is My Microsoft Teams Recording?

One of the things I love about Microsoft Teams is that you can record meetings and calls and capture every brilliant word uttered. It’s invaluable …

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Microsoft Teams mistakes

5 Common Mistakes with Microsoft Teams and How to Avoid Them

An estimated 1.2 billion people globally use a Microsoft Office product or service. That makes Microsoft one of the most recognizable and preferred brands worldwide. Among Microsoft’s …

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