A Video Guide to Ticket Automation in Tikit

With any IT Service Management solution, the key to seamless support and efficiency is automating processes when possible. Human bandwidth is limited and there are many technologies available that can reduce the burden on agents throughout the lifecycle of a ticket. With Tikit, the ITSM platform designed exclusively for the Microsoft cloud, automations are made easy with built-in functionality as well as Microsoft 365 (M365) integrations for Power Automate.  

Ticket Lifecycles 

With Tikit Lifecycles, organizations can develop automated workflows designed for their business processes to reduce the workload on agents while improving the overall efficiency of recurring scenarios. Examples of Lifecycles could include IT software requests, hardware requests, new hires, Microsoft Team creation or access modifications, account changes and more.  

Ticketing with Power Automation – New Hire Process 

See an example of how Tikit’s Power Automate connector enables you to build advanced automation workflows for time consuming processes such as a new hires, and the automation of associated tasks such as creating an Entra user account or providing access to different systems. By automating processes like this, it frees your agents up for other priorities and creates a more efficient flow for the request being asked, while simultaneously giving the end user visibility into where their request stands throughout the process.   

Ticketing with Power Automate – Microsoft Forms 

With Tikit’s Power Automate connector, an end user can submit a ticket via a Microsoft Form triggering a workflow automation and moving their ticket along efficiently. See firsthand what the process looks like for both end user and agent. Then, get a firsthand look at the building process in Power Automate to understand how it maps to Tikit and ultimately how you can use Microsoft Forms and Power Automate to simplify your ticketing needs.   

Interested in More?

Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform that matures as your organization adopts more Microsoft 365 technology and takes advantage of native integrations with products like Power Automate, Power BI, Azure AD and Intune. It removes barriers between users and data, which improves the employee experience for agents and end users alike. 

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