A Video Guide to Ticketing in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is where your employees already communicate and collaborate, therefore it makes sense to centralize ticketing in Teams as well. Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform built for your existing Microsoft investment. It removes barriers between users and data, which improves the employee experience for agents and end users alike. 

Tikit is built exclusively for Microsoft Teams and provides a native ticketing experience without disrupting employees flow of work.  

How Agents Can Create Workable and Trackable Tickets Direct from a Teams Message 

For agents who receive direct messages asking for help, there is a balance with their desire to help quickly, but also to document the issue per company policy. With Tikit, a Microsoft Teams message can easily be converted to a workable and trackable ticket with a right-click. See how this is done and learn what the different options an agent has when creating a ticket.   

How Users Can Edit, Route and Chat via a Ticket Direct in Microsoft Teams 

With Tikit, agents can easily edit, route and chat via a ticket direct in Microsoft Teams. End users can also interact back on the ticket direct within Microsoft Teams. See what this experience looks like both from the agent and end user experience in this video. Discover how easy it is for an agent to view, edit and resolve tickets with Ticketing for Microsoft Teams.   

How an End User Works in Tikit Virtual Agent 

For an end user looking to submit a request within an organization using Tikit, they will have the Tikit Virtual Agent. With the Tikit Virtual Agent, an end user can submit tickets which can be opened for human intervention, deflected with pre-defined AI-powered knowledgebase (KB) responses, kick off an automated workflow/lifecycle or other options as defined by your organizational structure. Additionally, with Tikit Virtual Agent, the end user can view, update and receive real-time statuses on their tickets. 

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Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform that matures as your organization adopts more Microsoft 365 technology and takes advantage of native integrations with products like Power Automate, Power BI, Azure AD and Intune. It removes barriers between users and data, which improves the employee experience for agents and end users alike. 

Want to learn more about Tikit? Check out this demo video and try Tikit in a 14-day free trial. We are so confident in Tikit’s capabilities, we’ll set it up for free to ensure you are getting the most out of your free trial. Schedule your complimentary setup call today. Please note, not all functionality in this video is available in all Tikit plans. Please refer to our feature breakdown on the pricing page to confirm feature inclusion. 

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