A Video Guide to Working in the Tikit Web Portal

Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform built for your existing Microsoft investment. Tikit is designed to enable your employees to work HOW and WHERE they choose, without disruption. For some, this choice is a dedicated web-based workspace. Tikit offers dedicated web portals orientated for both agents and end users to keep roles and functionality clear. 

How Agents Create, Edit and Work Tickets in the Web Portal 

For agents who prefer a dedicated web-based workspace versus direct in Microsoft Teams, Tikit offers an agent-specific web portal. This web portal is designed to centralize all your work and tickets in a single location in an intuitive web experience many users are accustomed to.  

How End Users Submit, View and Update Tickets in the Requestor Web Portal 

For end users who are use to a dedicated web-based experience, Tikit offers the Request Portal. Separate from the agent’s web portal, the Request Portal is where end users can easily submit, view and update tickets along with seeing the status and receiving real-time updates of those tickets.  


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Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform that matures as your organization adopts more Microsoft 365 technology and takes advantage of native integrations with products like Power Automate, Power BI, Azure AD and Intune. It removes barriers between users and data, which improves the employee experience for agents and end users alike. 

Want to learn more about Tikit? Check out this demo video and try Tikit in a 14-day free trial. We are so confident in Tikit’s capabilities, we’ll set it up for free to ensure you are getting the most out of your free trial. Schedule your complimentary setup call today. Please note, not all functionality in this video is available in all Tikit plans. Please note, not all functionality in this video is available in all Tikit plans. Please refer to our feature breakdown on the pricing page to confirm feature inclusion. 

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