Tikit Virtual Agent Expands Capabilities with Multiple KB Responses 

Those leveraging Tikit’s artificial intelligence (AI) know that the first step to self-service, apart from building Knowledge Articles or Custom Forms, is getting the Tikit Virtual Agent deployed across their organization. With support for Multiple Responses, now available in the Tikit Virtual Agent, a series of Knowledge Articles and/or Forms can now be presented to users. 

Available within Bot Configuration, agents can now control: 

  • The number of responses returned. 

  • Whether or not to return a single response IF the most confident response is greater than a threshold. 

  • The message delivered alongside the Multiple Responses Card. 

  • The message delivered for Create Ticket. 

Once configured, the Tikit Virtual Agent now presents several options for users to select from after interaction. 

You then make a selection, whether it be clicking one of the returned choices or simply saying “No, create a ticket,” and immediately move forward into ticket creation. 

Finally, we’re also introducing an additional button on Custom Forms that are delivered enabling users another way to exit a chosen process. 

For example, if the “Password Reset Request” Template was chosen. Not only will the first phrase associated with that Knowledge Article be shown to the end user, it’ll also present the button “No, it’s something else” to leave this process.

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Tikit is a Microsoft-aligned ITSM Platform that matures as your organization adopts more Microsoft 365 technology and takes advantage of native integrations with products like Power Automate, Power BI, Azure AD and Intune. It removes barriers between users and data, which improves the employee experience for agents and end users alike. 

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