Microsoft Expert Community Session with Sara Fennah

The Microsoft Expert Community Sessions were designed to bring knowledge, expertise and the latest Microsoft technology to the IT community. Each episode features a Microsoft MVP or expert to present on a specific topic ranging from Microsoft 365, AI, cloud technology, women in tech, cybersecurity, the modern workplace and much more!
In this episode, we are joined by Sara Fennah to discuss the administrative side of Microsoft Teams focusing on key principles, management, policies, the Admin Center and general tips and tricks.
Sara has over 25 years’ experience, has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for over 15 years and is also a MCT Regional Lead and Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft 365. Sara has been working with Microsoft 365 since the preview in April 2011 and holds over 50 Microsoft Certifications. Sara’s company still use the same Microsoft 365 Tenant she opened back in 2011. As a trainer Sara’s professional aim is to help make technology more accessible by increasing knowledge and decreasing fear. In her own words “I love helping others advance their own skills and use of technology, whilst challenging myself to advance my own skills and expertise.” Sara provides training across Microsoft 365 from beginner to admin and everyone in between. Sara specializes in productivity, security & compliance within Microsoft 365.
In 2021 Sara co-founded a group of other like-minded MVPs to form the Viva Explorers, who actively promote, evangelize and champion a modern employee and workplace experience under-pinned by tools such as Microsoft Viva. Sara’s Viva Explorer persona is the Viva Realist, highlighting her expertise in helping organizations implement Viva and the wider Microsoft 365 suite.

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