Common Partner Reselling Questions

No. We only offer annual subscriptions, paid in advance. 

Tikit by Cireson is only available on an annual subscription basis. Your subscription plan will auto-renew unless a Tikit admin cancels in advance of renewal date via the billing section of the Tikit web application.  

Subscriptions under $60,000 per year would need to be transacted directly with Tikit by Cireson. For an annual subscription over $60,000, you can buy through a partner with Net 30 terms. 

A) If the customer pays directly on a credit card, then Tikit by Cireson will pay the referral partner via wire within 15 business days. 

B) If the customer pays NET, then Tikit will pay the referral partner 30-days after payment is received. 

Tikit by Cireson notifies partner 60days before a customers subscription renewal is due. 

Tikit by Cireson’s billing system is intended to allow customers to add more agent licenses in a self-service manner whenever they wish. This results in additional agent billing during the remainder of the customer’s annual subscription. Partners will receive credit for a customer renewal if the customer chooses to reset their billing term for a new 12-month term when adding additional agents. 

We are unable to provide discounts to nonprofits. 

No, downgrades are not possible during the course of an annual subscription, only at the outset of a new 12-month term. The change must be made in advance of renewal by the admin. This is stated in our Terms of Service. 

Tikit requires the following Microsoft accessible infrastructure in place from the customer: 

  • Azure/Entra. 
  • Exchange Online for User Mailboxes. 
  • Microsoft Teams. 
  • Intune (if leveraging integration). 
  • Excel (if leveraging integration). 
  • Power BI (if leveraging integration). 
  • Power Automate (if leveraging integration). 

There is no minimum license count to utilize Tikit by Cireson. We do, however, offer discounts for higher volume of agents. There is no charge for end users in Tikit, not working tickets via Tikit. 

Tikit offers 3 support options to help you adopt Tikit: 

1) US and EMEA based support via phone, email or online chat for general questions and reporting issues. APAC support is available via email.  

2) Free setup and configuration for 1-2 hours of cross-training to teach your team how to setup Tikit.  

3) The Services teams offers paid consulting for a full implementation. Customers can expect assistance in setting up all the core functionality and advanced features such as templates, KB articles, Power Automate flows, custom Power BI reports and more. 

Partner margins are paid on the net value of subscription. 

All Tikit support options can be viewed in the Tikit Support Center here 

Common Product Questions

Tikit by Cireson is a modern, conversational IT Service Management solution for Microsoft Teams and the leading Microsoft-aligned platform in the industry. It is built from the ground up to natively integrate into the Microsoft Cloud natively, maximizing your investments across AI, Entra, Intune, Power Automate, Power BI and Microsoft Teams. 

The Tikit Virtual Agent is the Teams bot that allows your end users to ask for help. It uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact with employees, offering up relevant knowledge articles or prompting employees to open a ticket based on their questions. Tikit Virtual Agent is a separate application in Microsoft Teams and is provisioned separately in AppSource here. There is no additional charge to use Tikit Virtual Agent. 

Both applications are provisioned through Microsoft and available within Microsoft Teams. Tikitby Cireson is the application agents use to track, work and resolve tickets. Tikit Virtual Agent is the Teams bot that allows employees to ask questions, find knowledge articles and open tickets via Teams chat. Both products combine to give you an end-to-end Microsoft Teams IT Service Management (ITSM) experience.  

Yes, we offer a fully functional trial for 14-days with no credit card. Add to Teams in minutes.  

Tikit is SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Please refer to oursecurity page for all Tikit security and compliance details. If you have any additionalsecurity questions, please  

Tikit by Cireson is the most natively integrated Microsoft 365 IT Service Management solution on the market, allowing you to work all of your support tickets without leaving Teams. This is also true in the Teams mobile app. However, for those who prefer a web UI, Tikit has a fully functional Web App for both agents and end users.   

For all questions about Tikit by Cireson and the Tikit partner program, please reach out to