Tikit ITSM Awards

The Tikit IT Service Management Awards

Celebrating Organizational Achievements in Microsoft IT Service Management

Awards Program Overview

The Tikit IT Service Management (ITSM) Awards is a program designed to recognize organizational achievements in the ITSM space using Tikit. We have created these awards to:  

    • Showcase Your Success: Celebrate and share your team’s success story.
    • Recognition: Gain recognition for your use of Tikit’s ITSM solution and share your achievements with the community.
    • Inspire: Encourage others by demonstrating your expertise.
    • Networking: Engage with the Tikit community and connect with fellow industry experts. 

Join us in recognizing the outstanding contributions of Tikit teams and celebrate their success with the Tikit IT Service Management Awards. 

 In case you need any more reason to submit, the first 20 submissions will receive 1 hour of free Professional Services consulting.

Award Categories

Best ITSM Process

Has your organization implemented an IT Service Management process with Tikit? From service requests, change management, lifecycles or other processes that have improved service management for your employees. For this category, we want to hear about the best process you’ve implemented and how it has benefited your organization.

Best Power Automate Flow

Has your organization automated processes for improved efficiency? With Tikit’s Power Automate Connector, share your best Power Automate flow. Whether it’s making just your day simpler, improving your team’s response times or netting time savings across your organization. Detail how you created it, what it does and why it matters.

Best Custom Reporting

Data and KPIs are key to demonstrating success, identifying trends and/or proving ROI. Each organization has different reporting needs, but a key component of Tikit is the customer reporting capabilities with Power BI and real-time Excel sync. Tell us about your custom reporting implemented through either Power BI or Excel and demonstrate how your reporting metrics help in your IT Service Management delivery. 

Best Multi-Department Experience

What makes Tikit different from other IT Service Management solutions on the market is that it goes far beyond serving only the IT department. With Tikit’s Multi-Department feature, tell us about how you’ve implemented this feature to benefit your entire organization, such as HR, facilities, legal or finance, and not just your IT department. 

Best Tikit Virtual Agent Branding

With customization at the forefront of the Tikit Virtual Agent, organizations are encouraged to brand Tikit Virtual Agent as their own. Tell us the name and icon your organization has selected and why. We’re looking for the most clever branding. 


May 15 – June 15, 2024

Submissions Open

June 16 – 30, 2024

Submissions Reviewed

July 1, 2024

Winners Notified

July 22, 2024

Winners Announced Public via Press Release and Marketing Promotion

How to Submit

  1. Review all relevant category information and select one or more categories to submit to. Please note, if applying to more than one category, a separate submission is required for each. 
  2. Craft submission with a minimum of 200 words addressing all aspects of the category listed below. (Note: “Best Tikit Virtual Agent” does not require 200 word minimum).
  3. While optional, you are highly encouraged to share any relevant screenshots or videos¹ along with your written submission to provide context.
  4. Once your submission is ready, send to team@tikit.ai with the subject line: “Tikit ITSM Awards: (The Category You’re Submitting To) – (Your Company Name)” 

What to Expect if You Win

  • Winners will receive an official certificate of accomplishment from Tikit.
  • Inclusion in company press release announcing winners. A quote will be requested from each of the winning organizations and the winning organization will be named and linked in said press release, and the winning organization will be named and linked in the press release for company recognition and promotion.  
  • Tikit requests the usage of the winning company name and logo for promotional purposes. 

If you have any questions or experience any issues while submitting, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at team@tikit.ai at any time.   

¹ Any images, screenshots or videos submitted will not be used or shared publicly without consent from submitting organization.