How to Use an IT Ticketing System

Tikit: how to use an IT ticketing system

According to Transparency Market Research, “The market for helpdesk solutions is anticipated to reach USD 11 billion by 2023.” Most companies need the framework that an IT ticketing system provides, given the complexity of technology supporting the organization and a growing employee base. An IT ticketing system can help you organize, manage and resolve support requests that come in.     

What is an IT Ticketing System?

It’s robust software designed to register, prioritize, organize and resolve support tickets on time. Once an IT ticket is submitted to the service desk, analysts work through the queue to address issues. This process can be automated or managed manually.

IT ticket systems streamline workflows, so that analysts serving in various support tiers can address tickets related to their skill set or knowledge expertise. This approach helps the team address tickets more efficiently, further improving customer satisfaction.

Given that many companies have remote teams and hybrid workers, cloud-based ticketing solutions are especially recommended.

How it Works

First, an IT ticketing system will create a ticket, a documented record of the request, with steps taken by the analyst to solve the problem.

The analyst and end user share the ticket, where communication is logged under activity history. If details are overlooked or there is confusion, both parties can refer to the thread and review the history quickly and easily.

Once a ticket is open, the analyst works on the issue. If there is an update or resolution, the end user is alerted. Depending on the complexity of the issue, a ticket can be escalated to different support group levels. It may even need to be assigned to a different department completely.

The Ticket Tracks Progress

Tickets can serve as a point of communication throughout the process. End users can ask questions or contribute new information to the ticket while the case is being worked on. Each action is logged and notified in real-time.

Closing the Ticket

A ticket is closed once the issue is resolved. But it can be reopened and referenced if there is a need. Because the ticket history contains details about previous interactions, it is easy for any analyst on the team to understand the backstory, step in and help.

Benefits of IT Help Desk Ticketing Tools

An IT ticketing system gives the service desk team structure and helps them perform efficiently and effectively. It offers:

Better Organization

The system can catalog and organize a high volume of support requests, helping analysts prioritize, categorize and route incoming tickets. With processes in place to manage tickets, it’s easier to identify a ticket surge (example: a widespread issue) or a specific area under fire in a particular area or department.

Routing tickets to specific groups can improve resolution times—especially when ticket volume increases.

Better Productivity

Everything is centralized and searchable in a good ticketing system. Microsoft Teams-based ticketing solutions, which capitalize on Teams’ conversational, collaborative nature also support improved productivity. This solution uses AI-powered deflection to mitigate repetitive requests for analysts, allowing a virtual agent to step in and help.


Reporting features and dashboards often provide an at-a-glance view of performance.  They can reveal improvement opportunities, such as a need to speed response times.

Reduce Costs

There is a business cost to waste, whether it be misspent time, inefficient processes or applications that don’t work. Focusing the support team on productive problem solving using an IT ticketing system will reduce waste and get people and operations moving forward.  

Microsoft-First Ticketing Solutions

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