Improve the Way You Search, Filter, Triage and Manage Ticket History

Here at Tikit, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience managing ticketing and helpdesk operations. We’re excited to show you new flexible functionality to support your workstyle and workflow.    

New Tikit Feature Roundup

Create Tickets from Scratch

Previously in Tikit, creating a ticket involved converting a Teams chat or email message. But now, anyone in the Microsoft ecosystem can create a ticket on behalf of another user. Administrators are freed from limitations, speeding efficiency in ticket response and resolution.

Here’s how it works:

Improved Triaging via Web App (Beta)

Frustrated by a ticket’s lack of background information or little context about the problem? Now you can trace its history and add/access supporting information. While working tickets, you can:  

  • See the full ticket history (including comments) in the Activity tab, using Filter and Search to find something specific. Learn more

  • Need additional documentation? Attachments can be added via upload and drag and drop—and can be downloaded for reference. Learn more

Filter Tickets with Greater Specificity

You can find what you’re looking for faster, with the option of searching by keyword or via status, category, groups and additional options.

Actively Manage and Triage Tickets Using Groups

How does your organization want to process tickets? Groups is our way to provide structure for ticket management, along with flexibility to accommodate your processes.

We previously introduced groups as a way to organize your triage. Now we’ve introduced enhancements that demonstrate how groups can be used, including how to:  

  • Assign tickets to a group.
  • Associate a group with a Teams channel.
  • Filter tickets by group.
  • Create automations based on groups.

Learn more

What features would you like to see next? Chat with us in Tikit’s Roadmap site, or book a call. We look forward to future conversations and feedback!

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