Microsoft Expert Community Sessions: Giuliano De Luca

The Microsoft Expert Community Sessions were designed to bring knowledge, expertise and the latest Microsoft technology to the IT community. Each episode features a Microsoft MVP or expert to present on a specific topic ranging from Microsoft 365, AI, cloud technology, women in tech, cybersecurity, the modern workplace and much more!
In this episode, we are joined by Giuliano De Luca who will be discussing how to increase your productivity in Microsoft Teams using workflows.
As a solutions architect and Microsoft MVP for Microsoft 365, Giuliano helps organizations design and implement innovative solutions using the latest cloud technologies. He has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry, working with clients across various sectors such as finance, retail, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with the community through blogging, speaking and mentoring. He is also a regular contributor to the Microsoft Tech Community.

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