What Are the Benefits of Video Conferencing?

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Video conferencing saw a 535 percent rise in daily traffic in 2020, due to global shutdowns and stay-at-home mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies had previously used communication platforms like Microsoft Teams for daily chatting, but its significance and the value of video conferencing was realized as businesses adjusted during COVID-19. And now, the videoconferencing market is predicted to grow to a compound annual growth rate of 11.45 percent from 2020 to 2026. Its popularity is holding as more organizations embrace hybrid work.

We admit, nothing beats the feel of in-person meetings. But in today’s reality, the benefits of video conferencing either complement or exceed those of physical meetups. We’ve outlined below advantages of online video conferencing so that you can capitalize on it!

Get More Engagement Than with Audio Conferencing

Turning cameras on during a video conference gives you the ability to see attendees’ faces, connect with them and reinforce the need to pay attention. IT also helps attendees see and respond to non-verbal cues like smiles or nods of agreement. As a result, attendees are more engaged, and meetings are more productive.

It Saves Time

In-person meetings usually involve some sort of commute or travel time, but you can video conference from anywhere with a stable internet connection–and add more time back in employees’ day.

It Saves Money

The lack of commute is financially liberating for employees, if only from a fuel perspective. But it also frees employers to hire regionally or globally, accessing a richer talent pool.

There’s More Flexibility

Many employees are asking for the ability to work remotely, and many companies are strategizing to accommodate this request. Hybrid work schedules are often on the table as a handy morale and attendance-boosting compromise. In-person meetings are usually required in some capacity, but they nicely complement flexibility provided by video conferencing. 

It Helps Build Workplace Relationships

A profile picture doesn’t provide the same experience as viewing the animation in someone’s face as they speak. Luckily video conferencing gives you the ability to see other attendees and engage similarly with verbal and nonverbal cues. It supports relationship building while retaining convenience.

It’s Good for Collaborating

We’ve come a long way from email chains and collaborating solely by Microsoft Word or Excel attachments. Collaborating in a video meeting gives stakeholders the ability to see and edit documents, discuss and make decisions together in real time. They can work cohesively, especially if complementary tools are used (more on this later).

It’s just like brainstorming in a conference room but much more convenient! While John and Jane might be in their cubicles, Michael might be in another town for a business trip, and Suzy might be across the globe as a remote contractor. They can still jump on a video conference and work on projects when they can’t be together in person.

There Are Many Tools to Streamline Work

Most video conferencing programs are limited to video, audio and chat features. But Microsoft Teams integrates with numerous third-party apps to expand functionality. And there’s Tikit, an IT service desk application built exclusively for Microsoft Teams that gives employees an easy way to ask for technical assistance while providing support analysts with an efficient structure to manage request tickets.

You’ll Get More Accurate Records

Most video conferencing platforms give you the ability to record meetings for reference and sharing among the team. Some also offer recording transcriptions so that you can be quickly updated. This makes it very easy to share information with someone who’s missed the meeting or refresh on a specific topic after the fact.

It Increases Productivity

Having a meeting in the middle of your day can be more disruptive than you think, due to physical logistics and prep time. You can work right up until the call in a video conference—especially if your camera and settings are pre-set. After the call, you can pick up where you left off on a project.

Reap the Benefits of Video Conferencing

The time and money-saving effects of video conferencing—not to mention productivity—is a win for employees and managers. Platforms like Microsoft Teams are well worth consideration to streamline communication and offer a collaborative way to manage projects and functions like a service desk.

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