10 Questions Employees Ask IT, HR and Managers

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You’re a manager, HR professional or IT analyst at a company. You spend your time fielding questions from employees daily.

The odds are that you have been asked the same question multiple times by different people. This can be taxing, and it can disrupt your productivity. We have a powerful way to address repetitive requests, but first let’s explore the nature of these common employee questions.

Why IT, HR, & Managers Are Targets for Employee Questions

In most organizations, the IT department ensures that employees can do their jobs effectively and efficiently. They manage company data, systems and networks; implement new software and hardware and resolve issues along the way. Naturally, employees turn to IT when they experience technical problems or have questions about company technology.

HR professionals oversee the employee life cycle, including recruiting, onboarding, payroll, benefits and everything in between. As a result, HR professionals are constantly fielding employee questions about policies and procedures.

Managers direct employees’ work and help them meet goals. This includes coaching on performance, providing feedback and resolving conflicts. As a result, managers often find themselves answering questions about job duties and company policies.

1. How Do I Reset My Password?

They could occur due to human error, forgetfulness or technical difficulty, but password issues are among the most frequently submitted requests received by the help desk.

In most cases, employees can reset a password by visiting a website or application and following the process for “forgot password?” or “reset password.” IT can provide employees with a password reset tool, accessible from a computer or mobile device.

In some companies, passwords expire every 90 days, thus requiring regular renewal. If employees get locked out, IT usually gives them a temporary password to access the company’s network with instruction on how to reset.

2. Why Can’t I Access My Email Account?

There are several reasons why an employee is unable to access an email account. The login information may be incorrect, the server could be down or there is a problem with the internet connection. Accessing company email from a public place, such as a coffee shop or airport, might also be problematic.

IT troubleshoots this problem often, and email’s vitality as a company-wide communication vehicle makes any disruption an urgent issue.

3. Where Can I Find Information About My Benefits?

HR usually places employee benefit information in a specific application, site or internal portal. Usually employees will see a breakdown of insurance, medical, vision and dental plans, as well as 401(k) options if available.

Every company manages this information differently, so it’s common for employees to ask where it can be found and how to get access. If employees don’t visit the site often or if it isn’t linked to an intranet or portal, frequent requests for help will be submitted. Email and password are usually the way in, and problems with entry can also be a source of help desk tickets.

4. How Do I Submit a Leave Request?

Most companies receive time off or leave requests via an electronic system. Usually, these requests are submitted in the above-mentioned HR application, site or portal.

IT, which supports all company technology, resolves problems around access and functionality.

5. Who Should I Call if I’m Having Problems with My Phone or Computer?

IT, specifically the help desk or service desk, resolves technical issues and keeps the company running. IT analysts, specifically trained to help employees, man the desk and offer support via answers and fixes to company devices and accounts.

Most companies use a variety of technologies, and IT analysts are established tech experts. A new employee may not be familiar with all company applications, but they know the help desk will solve any problem that pops up. On average, analysts receive numerous requests that span every technology the company uses. Many are repeated.

6. How Do I Change My Name or Contact Information in My Employee File?

Depending on a company’s system or process, an employee will most likely visit the HR application, site or portal to perform this task, or they will submit a request that is reviewed and performed by an administrator.

This request will pop up for a range of scenarios: a move of residence, marital status change, departmental or internal move and title change are just a few.

7. How Do I Update My Direct Deposit Information?

Most companies offer an electronic system, HR application, site or portal that allows employees to update their direct deposit account and manage payroll information.

8. What Do I Need to Do If I Am Going on Vacation or Sick Leave?

This usually involves conversation and coordination with an employee’s manager and HR, along with documentation in an HR application, site or portal.

The company should have a process established but if not, repeated requests might be a result. After all, most employees look forward to taking vacations and many of us get sick.

9. Can My Boss See My Facebook Profile?

These days, most people are engaged in social media, and privacy is a major concern. It makes sense that employees would wonder if their employer is watching. Hence, its status as a common request.

10. How Can I Get Help Reviewing My Resume?

Companies are changing, and employees are adapting to different dynamics. Some employers, when undergoing a major merger, acquisition, relocation or reduction in force, offer training, resources and help. Others train to upskill employees as part of a growth and employee retention plan. Resume support may be offered.

This request may not be frequent, but under a circumstance mentioned above, it could be a high-volume request.  

Employee Questions & Answers

These common employee questions may be directed at HR, IT and direct managers, but there is an easy way for these departments to provide support without being bogged down. Conversational ticketing, like we do here at Tikit, can transform how companies manage and resolve issues. Check out our Tikit demo to see how it works.

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