Introducing Tikit’s Latest Plan Offering: Microsoft 365 ITSM

The need for companies to formalize and automate processes as well as orchestrate tasks across different job functions is paramount in today’s always-on hybrid environment. When done correctly companies can gain a competitive edge in their market and ideally lower costs. Key areas of focus should be optimizing efficiency and productivity through smart technology investments and improved employee experience. But this is hard to come by when you’re working with legacy systems or technology that is not seamlessly integrated, creating friction throughout the organization.

Benefits of ITSM in the Microsoft Cloud 

Launched July 18, 2023, the “built for the Microsoft cloud” ITSM platform, Tikit, has a new plan offering to help with exactly this problem. This new, more mature plan opens the door to more advanced functionality and Microsoft 365 (M365) integrations.

Foundational to solving the problems mentioned above, Tikit’s new M365 ITSM plan allows companies to predefine and automate repeatable business processes and also orchestrate some if not all the work required to complete the process. But the biggest differentiation with Tikit’s unique value proposition is that it allows you to centralize these automated business processes within your core Microsoft cloud infrastructure, overcoming some of the points of friction and business obstacles of disparate, patchworked or legacy point-solutions across the business.

Features exclusive to the new Microsoft 365 ITSM plan include:  

  • Ticket Lifecycle 
  • AI-Powered Service Catalogue  
  • My Work & My Group Work  
  • Collaborators & Affected Users 
  • Notification Center  
  • M365 Azure Monitor Integration  

New Tikit Plan Features Explained 

According to a study from McKinsey Global Institute, 50% of work can be automated. With a focus on automation, a game changing feature of the M365 ITSM plan that makes it more powerful for larger, more mature organizations is Ticket Lifecycle. With Ticket Lifecycle, you can control the flow of work and manage every step in your organizational processes powered by the ability to gate work with approvals and tasks. For example, if your organization is hiring a new employee, you can enact the new employee lifecycle which will oversee all of HR compliance documentation needed, send documents out for signature, send approval request to the new hire department head for their laptop order and can even submit the request for an ID card to be prepared for their first day.  

With a continued focus on automating work, the new M365 ITSM plan of Tikit includes the AI-Powered Service Catalogue. This allows your end users to find what they need quicker with natural language processing (NLP) enabling them to spend less time articulating specific search terms and embracing a more conversational ticketing methodology.  With this feature, you are able to reduce the time and resources your agents spend on low-level or recurring tickets and enables them to focus on more priority, complex requests. According to a research trend report by InfoTech, by the end of 2023, “63% of businesses say they will use AI to automate repetitive and low-level tasks.” Additionally, 33% of businesses say they plan to incorporate conversational AI or virtual assistants by the end of 2023.  

As more team members tend to be involved in complex requests and organizations want to improve visibility, the My Work & My Group Work feature allows agents to view all Tickets, Approvals and Tasks assigned to them or their peers in a single view. With Collaborators & Affected Users, you can include more people into tickets with the ability to define multiple Requestors (Affected Users) and Assignees (Collaborators). 

With an increased desire to customize how users work, with the new Notification Center users can now customize every outbound notification from Tikit whether it be from Teams or email. This adds to Tikit’s focus to empower your team to work how and where they choose.  

As cloud products continue to replace on-premise solutions across organizations, an increasing need for advanced security measures arises as your data is no longer stored in-house. Tikit is built exclusively for the M365 ecosystem. This means all your information lives in your existing M365 infrastructure and is secured by the highest standards at Microsoft. Additionally, Tikit is SOC 2 compliant. You can learn more about Tikit’ security here. Taking your organizational security to the next level, with Role Based Security, you have the power to scope out Tikit to your environments needs with security roles for End Users, Agents, Super Agents and Knowledge Agents – customized to your organizational security guidelines.  

Overall, the newest plan offered by the Tikit ITSM platform elevates not just what is possible in Microsoft Teams, but what’s possible to transform internal employee experiences between IT and the greater organization. The ideal ITSM platform is one that enables others through requests and automatically prevents break/fix from ever occurring.  

Tikit pricing is available on a per agent model, with discounts available for higher volumes. Pricing information can be found here. For questions, please reach out to the Tikit team at Interested in trying Tikit? We offer a 14-day free trial. We are so confident in Tikit’s capabilities, we’ll set it up for free to ensure you are getting the most out of your free trial. Schedule your complimentary setup call today. Want to see what’s coming for Tikit or provide input on new features you’d like to see? Check out the Tikit roadmap here to submit new ideas and upvote existing requests.  

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