Introducing Tikit’s New Affected Users and Collaborators Features

In a traditional ticketing process, a single employee submit a ticket to get help. This ticket exists independent of any other end users regardless of others having the same issue. Now with Tikit’s latest feature, Affected Users and Collaborators, one or many agents can simultaneously work a single ticket from one or many requesters. With this functionality, now the agent has the power to reduce volume of incoming tickets and streamline resolution efforts with ticket merging while maintaining visibility to all end users affected. Essentially, this means multiple parties can now be included on a single ticket with visibility all the way to its resolution. This reduces the workload and ticket volume on the agent side and creates a more efficient process for the agent working the ticket.

Affected Users and Ticket Merging by Any Number of Requesters

With the new Affected Users feature, now multiple requesters can be included on a single ticket which enables everyone to collectively share feedback throughout the duration of the ticket and see in real-time updates as the ticket is resolved. This creates a much greater experience for both end users and agents alike. Those included as Affected Users on a ticket will see updates to the ticket as though they were the requester. Comments left by Agents are received by all through Tikit Virtual Agent. Giving everyone the same update, at the same time, with the ability to response and add attachments just like the requester of the ticket.


While certain scenarios make sense for multiple end users to be included on a single ticket via Affected Users, others may require the expertise of more than one agent to resolve. With Tikit’s latest release come the feature Collaborators which enables multiple agents to be assigned to a single ticket at the same time. In turn, this allows all agents assigned to collaborate on a ticket visibility into any updates or comments made to a ticket from Requester/Affect Users in real-time.

How Affects Users and Collaborators Will Impact Tikit Functionality

As Affected Users and Collaborators features are released, this paves the way for new functionality and concepts in the Tikit web portal such as:


Custom Views



Tikit Email Connector Updates

Now with Affected Users and Collaborators, the email connector is updated to accommodate the need for multiple users at a single time. Now when creating a ticket with multiple users just include them in either “To” or “CC” fields to automatically become an Affected User on the ticket.

Of course, just like many other properties on a ticket this can always be changed by an Agent or Automation.

General Improvements Included with This Release

To accommodate more information gathering from the start, now tickets created via the Tikit Virtual Agent can support up to 1,000 characters. This grants end users the ability to share more in their initial ticket submission. Additionally, Agents who hang out on the list views for /Tickets, /MyWork or /MyGroupWork will now experience views that auto-refresh.

Now with all of these updates comes the ability to merge any ticket, by any number of requesters. With this change, let’s say you have four tickets from four unique requesters. As you view one of those tickets, you can merge the other three and an updated dialogue appears. Specifically, the requesters from the other three tickets will become Affected Users of the current ticket you are working.

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