Updates to Power BI and Excel Dashboards: Ticketing, SLAs and Lifecycle

It’s that time again. The time to provide updates to our Power BI and Excel Dashboards. We’ve recently released updates simultaneously to our Power BI and Excel Dashboards that give you more data points to use, more ways to visualize your environment and updates to stay in sync with the updates we’ve brought to Tikit the last few months.


With the introduction of Lifecycles, you’ll no doubt want to be able to see which tickets have Lifecycles associated to them and their respective Lifecycle Status. Now you can quickly visualize what’s in flight vs. what (if anything) has failed to see its way through.

General Updates/Datapoints

If you’re looking closely at the above table layout of tickets, you’ll notice two new columns. Agent URL and Requester URL. Both interactive, clickable links that let you jump from your respective Power BI Dashboard right into the ticket in question. Both of these columns are available in the Tickets dataset so you can use them as you see fit beyond just the Lifecycle Dashboard.

Additionally, we’ve also brought another datapoint to the surface. If you joined us at our recent Technically Speaking, then you saw firsthand how to bring in the “Requester’s Department.” Also included with this recent update is not only the “Requester’s Department” but the “Assignee’s Department” as well. This yields more datapoints to leverage in your own reports.

Finally, with the Dashboards growing in complexity and number of queries, we’ve tidied things up a bit when looking at Power Query Editor in Power BI or Excel.

Please note that updates to our reporting functionality are constantly growing and evolving. If you’re ready to update your Dashboards or even get started for the first time. You can download them from our Knowledge Base using the provided links below.

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