Tikit Webinar Recap: Two Service Desk Options Built to Serve Your IT Ticketing Needs

Tikit Q1 webinar

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve experienced struggle and failure in an IT service desk implementation. In our 11-year tenure of serving global enterprise customers, we’ve pinpointed the culprit, experimented to mitigate it and deliver an improved experience. The result is Tikit, which serves the ticketing needs of companies getting started with a structured IT service desk. Spoiler alert: a new option is soon to be available for companies seeking a more mature solution. We discussed this and more during Tikit’s first webinar on March 29, 2022.

Why IT Service Desk Implementations Fail

We’ve observed that misaligned expectations are the cause of IT service desk implementation struggle and failure. In a relationship triangle between IT, the end user and vendor, there is usually a disconnect between what one party expects and what another provides.

Driving misaligned expectations are these trouble spots:

  • The chosen IT service desk solution is more complex than the company currently needs
  • Set up may be simple, but configuration can be very time consuming
  • Company processes weren’t defined before software implementation, driving the need for consulting guidance to make the system work
  • Hidden costs—especially around implementation and integrations

How we know these things?

Tikit’s Parent Company Maximizes Microsoft Technology Investment

Tikit evolved from parent company Cireson, an 11-year-old Microsoft Gold Partner, that hung its hat on this concept: creating IT service and asset management software that attaches to and enhances existing Microsoft technology.

We’ve seen the above-mentioned pain from global enterprise customers, and we responded by building solutions that capitalize on existing Microsoft technology, securely, enabling data flow and use across platforms.

Tikit’s Origins: an AI Experiment Gone Wild

It was an experiment in the beginning, a way to help Cireson customers. With the onslaught of the pandemic, remote work, a delay in cloud migrations, small business struggle and the rise of Microsoft Teams, the need for a flexible way to make the service desk work under new constraints was born.

Tikit started with the goal of creating a ticket from a Teams chat. It’s grown into a scalable, mature IT service desk option. At its foundation is the concept of AI deflection and the ability to improve analyst efficiency while feeding self-service. Also feeding its development is user feedback, requests and interest following Tikit’s Roadmap site. Thanks for your input and keep it coming!

Tikit’s Evolution: Building a Ticketing Solution into M365

For Tikit, being able to unlock data across a Microsoft ecosystem to fuel a wide range of initiatives is kind of like the holy grail. We are stiving to help you do more with the high-performing technology you own, including providing:

  • Access and use of files across platforms, but they reside in your OneDrive, secured via your protocols
  • A Power Platform connector for Power BI
  • Connection to user profiles in Office 365, Intune and AD

Tikit has come a long way in just a year, and you can see its newest features live in the webinar recording, including:

Now There’s a Tikit Product for Everyone

Here’s what’s exciting: Tikit has matured to a place where it serves different degrees of service desk needs. Now, companies seeking a simple ticketing solution in Microsoft Teams will find ease of installing, configuration, deployment and adoption with Microsoft Teams Ticketing, the product you know today.

But if your company needs a more mature solution, you’ll love our new product: Microsoft 365 Service Desk. It offers more advanced service desk features with deeper Microsoft integration. Launching on May 3, 2022, Microsoft 365 Service Desk is available for $500 per month, with discounts available on annual subscriptions.

The more sophisticated features in Microsoft 365 Service Desk include:

  • Approvals: the ability to require an approval on a ticket before progressing, better supporting visibility and communication between implementor and approver
  • Service Level Agreements: define SLAs in Tikit and create a process around deadlines and breaches  
  • Related tickets: choose how you want to relate tickets, whether by merging, blocking or evoking a parent/child relationship
  • Microsoft InTune integration: view user devices enrolled with the organization, see OS, compliance, available free space and quick actions
  • Power BI integration: advanced dashboard and reporting 

Check out our feature comparison breakdown to determine which is the optimal product for you today. The great news is that as your company grows in size and process complexity, Tikit scales accordingly (thanks to Microsoft connectivity). You can move at your pace and unlock value as you need it. Give it a try with no obligation: we offer a fully functional 14-day trial.

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