Tikit’s New “Custom Views” Feature Enables Users to Save and Reuse Filters Seamlessly

The ability to execute necessary business tasks and get service desk support when needed are critical to an efficient organization. But what is not efficient is having to input your filters each time you want to view a set of information on the tickets table. Now live, Custom Views enables you build your own views that you can use again and again without the need to re-configure in the Tikit Web Portal. Once built you can share these links to custom views with your team members.

Additionally, if you find yourself frequently working out of web.tikit.ai we’ve improved even further with View Persistence, so that whenever you come back to the Tikit Web Portal, you’ll pick up where you left off last time.

Custom Views

Tikit is driven by direct customer feedback via our product roadmap. Custom Views delivers the ability to create dedicated views with filters, sorting and columns customized to your wants and needs. Gone are the days of needing to re-apply your settings each time you refresh the page. This also enables your team members to benefit from your predefined views, ensuring everyone is collectively viewing the same information in the same manner.

Customizing Your View

There are a couple new functions available with the new Custom Views feature and it starts with the ability to customize views we provide out-of-the-box. To get started, let’s click on “Configure Columns.”

Then choose your columns.

Here you’re free to order by dragging/re-arranging, and sort columns how you choose based on (in this case) the Id, Request, Requestor or by Team. Just click the sort order icon to toggle ascending, descending, or off.

Then once you’re satisfied with your configurations, click on “Apply.” Once you do this, you’ll see the list of tickets only this time it will be the columns you choose from the previous step.  

Creating a Saved Custom View

Interested in seeing multiple views to flip between or sharing the view link/URL with colleagues? With our view customized, we’re also now free to save this view for later and share with others. For that, let’s click on “Save View.”

Upon clicking “Save View”, you’re brought to a new window that allows you to finalize your Custom View with some helpful details. Give it a Title, choose your filters and further customize the columns, if needed. Then click on “Save.”

Then moving forward, anytime you want to select this Custom View, just select it from the dropdown. Any views you create will be listed here!

You’ll also notice in this drop down is the “Add New View +” action which lets you jump straight into view creation as shown above in the previous screenshot.

View Persistence

In keeping with improving your overall recurring experience with Tikit and focused on improving efficiency, comes View Persistence. Prior to this latest Tikit update, when it came to styling a view as you see fit, should you either refresh or navigate away from the page those changes were lost requiring you to re-style them again. Deriving direct from roadmap feedback, with View Persistence, these edits are now maintained regardless of if you refresh or navigate away to easily resume your work wherever you left off.

More Filtering Options

This latest feature update also brings with it the ability to filter on Due Date or Resolved Date. In addition, we’re delivering on another roadmap request with the ability to filter by Tags.

Plus, you can use those same filters on the board view.


Interested in Tikit’s upcoming features or want to be part of future feature requests? Check out Tikit’s Roadmap here and vote for the features you’d like to see next or share a new idea with the team. The Custom Views feature is available only on Tikit’s Microsoft 365 Service Desk plan. Interested in exploring the different features offered by each plan? Check out our pricing page to learn more. New to Tikit? Check out this demo video and try Tikit in a 14-day free trial. We are so confident in Tikit’s capabilities, we’ll set it up for free to ensure you are getting the most out of your free trial. Schedule your complimentary setup call today.

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