5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Ticketing System

Globally, the ticketing/help desk industry is worth $10.9 billion as of 2022. This is a solution that processes and catalogs IT issues and incidents in an easily trackable, workable and intuitive manner. 

In this day and age, you should make no mistake about it – a ticketing system is a need, not a luxury. These five tips will help you when you need to learn all about the benefits that a good ticketing system can bring to your business. 

1. You’ll Notice a Remarkable Increase in Efficiency

Ticketing systems used for service desk support will help you get more done. What is a service desk? According to ITIL, it’s an essential Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool. It’s the single point of contact between the IT organization and the end user. Their service desk can be internal or outsourced to an IT provider. Today’s service desk solutions are useful for companies that work in a central office or remotely

The business of ticketing systems is on track to reach $11 billion by 2023, largely because companies swear by the efficiency and productivity benefits. Time is money with any business, so you will appreciate how these systems improve your workflows and output. 

With a ticketing system, you’ll better serve your end users without delays. With automation, you can further improve efficiency with real-time responses to your most common requests, using automated replies based on pre-defined KB articles and templates. You will be able to reduce your ticket backlog and free up your agents’ time and resources for more advanced requests.  

2. Ticketing Saves Your Business Money 

The best ticketing systems will also save your company money over time. You won’t have to use as much time or resources to properly resolve requests for your end users. Your ability to provide speedy resolutions to issues also saves your organization money by reducing downtime spent waiting for resolution.

The automation capabilities that come with these solutions will provide you with an excellent return on investment (ROI) and help you keep your company profitable. 

Further build on your existing investments with service desks that integrate with your Microsoft 365 (M365) configuration. Microsoft Teams is where your employees already communicate and collaborate, so why not centralize all service desk requests in this same space?

3. Your Team Gets a Quality Experience

Perhaps the most important benefit of ticketing systems is that your team will receive a higher-quality experience. When you have a proper system in place to route and manage all end user requests, it helps to register, prioritize, organize and resolve support tickets on time. When it comes to resolution, no one wants to wait around for an extended period of time. We’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification. And for the agents working tickets, a backlog is the last thing they want to deal with.

With a ticketing system in place, it will be able to carry more of a workload than several agents while also making sure that your employees also have an easier time and an improved employee experience

4. An Online Ticketing System Increases Your Knowledge Base

When you invest in a Teams ticketing system you will have a simple channel for managing and delivering your organization’s KB articles using ticket deflection for self-service support on your most common, recurring requests through the use of an end user portal or application such as Tikit’s Virtual Agent. This enables the quick resolution your end users want, while also freeing up your agents’ time and resources.

This plays into your automation workflow so that you’re using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power your automated replies and build an extensive KB.  

5. You Will Set Better Goals and Measure Them

When you start using ticketing systems, you will be better able to set goals and objectives specific to your department. Having access to the data helps you set realistic deadlines, which makes you a more reliable communicator.

Setting these goals won’t make much of an impact, however, without the means to measure success. Reporting capabilities are critical to the success of any system put in place. In an organization already using Microsoft technology, it makes sense to build on this investment by using Power BI for your reporting needs. Prefer Excel? This is doable as well.

Beyond resolution times, ticket volume and ticket type, your organization may also want to measure end user satisfaction. This can easily be done with surveys to track satisfaction and guide future goals.

Find the Right Ticketing System for Your Business 

Let the tips above help you out when you’re trying to figure out what kind of ticketing system your organization needs. Designed for Microsoft Teams, Tikit removes barriers between users and data, allowing employees to work wherever they want. This is accomplished through seamless and secure integration, using your existing Microsoft 365 configuration. And because Tikit integrates with Microsoft 365, your IT ticketing solution fits comfortably in your end users’ natural flow or work.

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