Why Microsoft Is the Perfect Place for Your Service Desk

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One reason why Microsoft has had a consistent presence in business operations since its onset is because it creates innovative tools that enable people to perform new functions. This includes operating IT service desks, among other key business services.

Given the complexity of technology and how interwoven it is in most business departments, a growing number of companies understand the value of an efficient service desk. But not everyone realizes how simple it is to use Microsoft tools to set up a service desk system with minimum delay and cost.

How can Microsoft technology empower your service desk? Read on to learn all about the functionality they provide and the benefits that come with using them!

Microsoft Teams Allows for Maximum Integration

Many companies underestimate the productivity lag of jumping in and out of various software platforms. Some employees may switch back and forth between different programs in a single minute. Work may become more cumbersome as a result—and less efficient.

That is why more companies are seeking solutions that integrate seamlessly into disparate company functions. Many companies already use tools like Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate. They can use it to do more.  

That includes using Microsoft Teams as the foundation of an IT service desk and focus work related to ticket resolution in the same place where employees are already communicating. Employees are spared from moving information from one platform to another (less human error). And the overall result is greater efficiency, fewer mistakes and improved employee experience.

Microsoft 365 Can Scale Up or Down as Needed

One of the great things about using Microsoft 365 (M365) as the IT service desk foundation is that it’s a good option for companies of any size, and it accommodates growth or downsizing. This spares companies a lot of potential pain related to configuring and deploying the software, migrating data and training/encouraging adoption.

With M365, you can set up the service desk and trust it to support any stage of company development.

Microsoft 365 Requires Minimal Training

Another advantage of using M365 for your help desk is that it is easy to onboard employees and manage access from one place. Most employees are familiar with M365, and most admins are familiar with M365 admin center.

Microsoft Allows for Conversational Ticketing

It was Microsoft Teams’ conversational nature that inspired conversational ticketing: our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered service desk process fronted by Tikit Virtual Agent, helper to both end user and agent. At its root is the ability to create tickets from Teams chats (and email) for a more fluid process.

Microsoft Allows for Remote Access to Your IT Service Desk

Because it is cloud-based, M365 products can be accessed on multiple devices from any location. So, whether employees are working in-house, remote or hybrid work schedules, they will have access to vital productivity applications—and the service desk. These factors are even more important in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Understand Why Microsoft Is the Right Place for Your Service Desk

Many companies are looking for ways to set up a service desk with as little delay and friction as possible. Microsoft tools allow companies to get started right away, no matter what size they are.

How does a Microsoft 365 service desk perform? Check out this demo and then try it for yourself (for free!)

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