Why Every Department Benefits from a Service Desk

Traditionally, most employees of an organization look at IT as a “Service” where you can report technology issues and ask for things such as software to be installed or access to file locations. Although this is a semi-correct lens to look through, the reality is that every department of an organization is a “Service” to the business, aligned with the business to respond to requests from the business to achieve the business’s overarching goals.

Why a Service Desk Matters for All Departments

When you look at the business from this service orientated perspective, there really isn’t a difference between IT, Facilities, Telecom, HR, Legal, Marketing, etc. While IT is fielding requests for broken computers, creating accounts and deploying software, this is no different than HR fielding requests for last name changes and PTO requests. Or Legal fielding requests for contract reviews or signatures to move purchases forward. At the end of the day, these are all just requests from each department to support the business in allowing it to achieve its goals.

With this service orientated perspective in mind, why is that IT is usually the only department to deploy a Service Desk to track, manage and report requests from the business? Why don’t these other service orientated departments embrace the idea of a Service Desk?

How Tikit Fulfills Your Departmental Service Needs

When it comes to making software purchases, it is critical to think about solutions that serve the entire business. Not just a single department. This ensures maximum ROI for your investment, enables seamless adoption across the entire organization through a single system and satisfies any budget concerns from your finance department.

Introducing Tikit, the Microsoft 365 Service Desk that matures with your Microsoft 365 adoption. While the traditional model requires your employees to work inside of a traditional Service Desk, often disrupting their flow of work, Tikit is a Service Desk that works where your employees already work. With many variations of hybrid work in place, most organizations live and breathe inside of Microsoft Teams, where they are messaging, meeting, working and collaborating across business aligned goals. With this in mind, Tikit was designed for Microsoft Teams to remove barriers between end users and data. This allows employees to work wherever they want. This is accomplished through seamless and secure integration, using your existing Microsoft 365 configuration. Tikit allows your end users to open and work tickets in Teams, access device data from Intune, kickoff automations with Power Automate and build dashboards in Power BI. The more Microsoft cloud technology you use, the more powerful Tikit becomes.

Your departments: IT, Facilities, Telecom, HR, Legal, Marketing, etc., are all working and collaborating in Microsoft Teams. This central place of collaboration makes it the ideal location to build a Service Desk, right next to those conversations allowing end users to naturally transition any request from the business into an actionable ticket.

With Tikit’s Multi-Department feature you can easily move any conversation between co-workers into a ticket:

Define secure department-specific support channels within Microsoft Teams, allowing those departments to work requests from the business without the worry of other departments seeing sensitive data:

Provide AI-powered department neutral knowledge base (KB) solutions to your end users:

Tikit is a Service Desk that lives in Microsoft Teams, working where your employees already work and transcends the notion that only IT manages business requests. With Tikit, your organization can benefit from a service orientated approach for the entire organization. 

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