Why Microsoft 365 Is an Ideal Place to Launch a Service Desk

Microsoft 365

Smart decisions around product development and investment have helped Microsoft grow from a $26 billion company in 2000 to more than $200 billion today. Microsoft products are popular with good reason—the applications are flexible, scalable, connected and have new life via third party development. Case in point: Microsoft 365, which grows from a business productivity suite to a robust service desk with the integration of Tikit.

Why is Microsoft 365 (M365) a strong foundation for implementing a service desk?

Microsoft 365 Connects Disparate Staff Wherever They are Located

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home transitioned from something that had to be done out of necessity to a preferred method of working for many employees. Even as the pandemic winds down, many employees are asking to work remotely.

Microsoft 365’s cloud functionality supports remote and hybrid work schedules, giving employers the reassurance that staff can be securely connected and productive wherever they are located, because Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Tasks by Planner are within reach.

When service desk functionality is added to the platform, not only do agents have an easy way to reach end user employees (via Teams chat or Outlook email for example), they can also easily share documents and collaborate among M365 tools.

Scale Up or Down with Microsoft 365

Software feeds innovation and helps us work more efficiently, but there can be a downside of needing many applications. With a Microsoft 365 service desk, you get productivity and service desk functionality in one application.  

An added bonus: Microsoft 365 works for companies of all sizes and can scale to accommodate growth based on your M365 adoption. This prevents the pain of migrating to a new system as the organization changes.

Using Microsoft 365 for Your Service Desk Can Save Time

Tikit supports the ticket lifecycle with a native Microsoft Teams experience. So, service desk operations is adapted to the way employees are used to using Microsoft Teams. Instead of logging into a separate portal or service desk system, end users can ask for help using Teams and /or email.

Agents benefit from Tikit’s use of artificial intelligence-powered virtual agents, which mitigate repetitive requests and give agents more time for complicated tasks. Agents, too, are able to be more productive through better time and resource management.  

Minimal Training with Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft 365 service desk is easy-to-use, largely due to the intuitive nature of Microsoft Teams. Most employees are used to working in Teams and find the steps taken in the service desk process to be equally intuitive for both end user and agent.   

Understand Why Microsoft 365 Is an Ideal Choice for Your Service Desk

Seeing is believing; you can see how Microsoft 365 service desk works in this demo video, and you can try it with our free two-week trial.

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