What Is a Conversational Ticketing System?

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There is nothing more important than having a good IT support team when you’re working with technology. If something goes wrong or you need help figuring out how a certain function works, then support is necessary to answer all of your questions.

And if you’re working on Microsoft Teams or Microsoft365, it can be helpful to have reliable support if something goes wrong. This support usually comes in the form of a ticketing system. These handy support lines allow you to get in touch with the right people to solve problems. And conversational ticketing systems are becoming more and more popular.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about ticketing systems and why you should add one to your Microsoft Teams experience. 

What is a Conversational Ticketing System?

Ticketing systems are used by companies to resolve issues. This can be between external customers, the company and/or company employees. Ticketing systems essentially alert the IT team that there’s an issue or question, and analysts can respond as needed. A conversational ticketing system makes this a more seamless process, because it feels like dialogue. It allows for faster and more personalized responses.

This helps IT analysts collect more information. The better the analyst understands the issue, the faster it can be fixed. Customers or company departments can then move on with their day without worries. 

Ticketing systems are usually run by support teams. The system organizes requests, making problem solving easier for analysts to manage. Because they address tickets from a queue, the analysts spend a short period of time with each client, progressing through issues and reducing lag time.

Conversational ticketing can make customers feel heard and cared for, and it helps analysts resolve tickets even more efficiently.

Benefits of Conversational Ticketing

If you already have a ticketing system, then you might be wondering why you need a conversational one. But there are a lot of benefits that come with it, including…

Reduced Resolution Time

Some systems require support analysts to take on all tickets at once, and they can only spend a specific amount of time on each ticket each day. If they can only spend a little time daily working on multiple and/or complex problems, it can take longer than necessary to resolve each issue.  

Conversational ticketing allows analysts to communicate more effectively and share information with customers to define the problem without limitations. In this scenario, it may take an hour to resolve one problem rather than a whole week to resolve several at a time. 

Customers generally prefer a conversational approach, because they can get back to work quickly. They’ll also like that they are talking in real time with a real person.

Conversation Tracking

Your support team and customers can also benefit from conversation tracking, which provides a record of:

  • the customer’s history.
  • conversations in case of disputes or a need for clarity.  
  • previous problems.

Should the same problem occur again, all analysts need to do is look through the records and see how it was previously resolved. Customers can also describe what worked previously, if they remember. Regardless, it’s the easy access to data and improved communication that reduces resolution time and gives analysts the ability to handle a higher volume of tickets.

Seamless Collaboration

With traditional ticketing systems, receiving support involves sending an email or request in the system and waiting for a response. Depending on the backlog, it might take a day or two. And when an analyst reaches out, they typically need to ask more questions to be able to help. The delay and disjointed communication slows down the process.

Making ticketing a conversational process allows clients and team members to work together much faster. Team members can get information, share files and screenshots and get a firm grasp on the problem, dynamically. Support analysts can move on to the next ticket and customers can get back to work much faster.

All of this means that your support team, customers and employees are much happier.

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