What Can a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Do for You?

Tikit: What Can a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Do For You?

Since 2017, many businesses have used Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate. But now you can use it to operate an IT service desk. Microsoft products work really well with our integrated ticketing system. We’ll explain why.

Ticketing Systems Explained

So, what are ticketing systems?

Ticketing systems are platforms that help IT support analysts manage and resolve tech support requests, like, “I’m having problems with a printer, what should I do?” or “I’m locked out of Outlook—my password isn’t working.”

Ticketing systems provide structure to route and resolve these kinds of requests.  

What are Tickets?

Tickets are requests for support that are collected in a queue and routed to various triage groups or specialized support analysts. They are electronic files that compile all communication, actions and related information associated with the request in its activity history.

Ticketing Systems and MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. And though various third-party ticketing systems are available to use with Microsoft Teams, only one was created specifically for Teams: Tikit. Tikit provides a native Teams experience, strategic use of artificial intelligence virtual agents and a conversational approach to ticket management.

Businesses can benefit from Tikit’s easy-to-use, intuitive ticketing system for every type of query and end user request.

Why Use a Ticketing System?

IT analysts often experience bombardment from requests that come from various channels, including email, phone, support portal or even casual in-person visits. A ticketing system streamlines requests into a manageable queue.

What Can a Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Do for You?

Using a Microsoft Teams ticketing system allows you to capitalize on Teams features and get more functionality from connected Microsoft applications, like Intune and Power BI.

You’ll experience:

  • Better management of end user support and queries
  • Deeper analytics and insights about end user issues
  • Better organization of historical ticket data
  • Less time wasted on tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Better ability to prioritize
  • Faster responses to queries

Tikit can do all that and more!

Ticket Types

The best way to understand origin of issues or areas to improve is by having enough data points to track. Tikit’s Microsoft 365 Service Desk, for example, uses ticket types to help you distinguish incidents, favors or requests, or changes. You could assign a unique name or meaning to tickets instead. The important thing is that you have a data point and way to track it–that’s the beauty and benefit of ticket types.  

How to Start Using Teams for Ticketing

At Tikit, we offer several different plans:

Microsoft Teams Ticketing is great for smaller businesses that need a simple ticketing solution and want to capitalize on company-wide Microsoft Teams use.

Microsoft 365 Service Desk provides advanced ticketing functionality and IT service management alignment, executed in a unique way.

You can get a sense of how Tikit works in a demo.

Top Benefits of Ticketing System

We’ve discussed what tickets are, what the system does, and how it can help you and your business streamline service desk operations. However, let’s look at some of the key benefits you will experience when adopting a system like ours. For example, your team can categorize and route requests by assigning them to specialized team members or groups.

Additionally, both end users and analysts can initiate and respond to questions via email and Teams chats—both of which are stored in the ticket history.

Tikit: Your One-Way Ticket to Success

Whether you’re new to ticketing systems or have used them in the past, we encourage you to explore Tikit.

We offer a free trial for our MS Teams ticketing system and are available to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss Tikit and its benefits for your business.

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